Real Estate Debt

  • Direct lending to experienced residential real estate investors
  • Refinancing, Bridge, Rehab, Acquisition loan origination. Short duration opportunities, 6-12 months
  • Whole Loan sourcing and aggregation
  • Senior warehouse facility origination and management
  • Residential new construction financing programs and builder lending solutions
  • Structured term financing to lenders, credit funds, and large real estate developers

Real Estate Equity

  • Single Family Rental portfolio services and investing. Acquisition and disposition solutions, Build to Rent (B2R), property management strategies, and performance monitoring
  • Other select opportunities with potential significant capital appreciation

Distressed Real Estate Opportunities

  • Identifying market inefficiencies to procure performing and non-performing loans that are being mis-priced by the market
  • Acquiring real estate debt and equity owned by banks and other lenders
  • Bespoke correction-market opportunities